Once you been treated for stage III melanoma you will be followed up on a regular basis, although the length and frequency of this will be decided between you and your medical team. Following diagnosis of stage III melanoma, most patients will be seen around every three months over a period of three years, around every six months for a further two years and then on an annual basis up to ten years after diagnosis. Your medical team will carry out examinations to check if the melanoma has spread further. You may also be offered scans (for example CT scans or PET/CT scans) to check for any spread of the cancer. It is important that patients that have been diagnosed with stage III melanoma are aware of the symptoms to look out for that might indicate the return of melanoma. If in doubt, they should contact their specialist nurse or other key worker.

Values you may wish to consider during treatment

    • Is the most important thing to you having treatment that gives you the best chance of curing your melanoma?
    • How prepared are you to have a treatment that has a potential risk of causing serious side effects or complications?
    • How prepared are you to have a year of treatment?
    • Is it important to you whether you have oral treatment or treatment in hospital?
    • How much time are you prepared to spend in hospital having treatment?
    • How much do you want to avoid having a visible scar after treatment?
    • How important is it to you to know everything about your risk of future melanoma?
    • How important is it to you to maintain living an active lifestyle, taking into account your daily activities and hobbies?
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